Manuel Pinto da Mota company started operations in 1964 and in 1965 was already carrying out works of water supply for municipalities in the region of Tras-os-Montes. In 1978 was created the still called "SANABA-Society Sanitation and water supply Limited" with headquarters in Macedo de Cavaleiros, in the district of Bragança, and members Manuel Pinto da Mota and Fernando Peixoto Manuel Mota, aiming social construction of infrastructure, and sanitation works and water supply. It was in 1980 that the SANABA was inscribed with Construction Permit No. 5895. In 1999 the company had need for changes in the social pact going to aim for the construction of infrastructure, such as sewage works and water supply, public works and civil construction.
Currently SANABA activity, focuses on urbanization works and waterworks. Since 33 years ago acting swiftly and effectively in the construction sector, surpassing all goals and trying daily to improve the levels of quality and customer service.
At present, its radius of action focuses on Portugal, Spain, France and Brazil. The client list consists of SANABA private and public companies, however, the company's expertise focuses on the construction and maintenance of public works in the area of activity of SANABA. Customers, the company offers quality services in order to guarantee the high level of satisfaction and gain their loyalty.
The SANABA, Ltd. has been and continues to be a family-oriented company, preserving values such as trust and respect, either in direct relationship with customers, among the group of workers and even the relationship between leadership / management and operational. The SANABA, Ltd. is a private limited company with a share capital of € 49,879.79, currently belonging Fernando Peixoto Manuel Mota (one of the founders of the company) and his wife, Ana Maria Alves da Mota, which has its headquarters in Macedo de Cavaleiros, a delegation of the company in Bragança, a branch in Fortaleza in Brazil, and a branch in Zone Artisanale de deux pins, Capbreton (France). The SANABA, Inc. is proud to have well-defined objectives and strategies, and to closely monitor developments in the market sector and regional, but at the same time, in general, too.