The activity of SANABA focuses on urbanization works and waterworks. Today it has over 30 years of experience in providing services in the construction sector, which is defined by the company as an experienced, dynamic and rigorous in its industry.

Its primary activity is the implementation of urban infrastructure, including water supply and sanitation, specialization in this service has enabled it to a strong differentiation in a highly competitive market. However, the solid structure of the company, with qualified staff, equipment and innovative techniques experimented allow also perform with the same quality and efficiency of the various services that it proposes, such as construction and maintenance of sewage treatment plants, execution of roads ( eg bituminous pavement, sidewalk), installation of networks of cables, among other civil works

The company invests primarily in innovation, customization of its services, training of employees, establishing solid and lasting relations with suppliers and the development of methods of organization-oriented evolution and continuous improvement, which will satisfy the needs of our customers and win their loyalty.