The SANABA is present in the Brazilian market since March 2011 on the form of subsidiary company, which owns 90% of the capital. Operates in the construction and public works mainly in the state of Ceará and Fortaleza where he established its branch.

Our short term goal, passes to extend the same services performed in Portugal to Brazil, with special relevance to the area of water supply and sanitation and infrastructure in general, as well as the execution of roads, landscaping and other civil works.


The activity of SANABA in France began with the opening of a subsidiary in July 2013, to which the Portuguese company transferred its know-how in terms of experience, manpower and equipment. The range of services offered by Sanaba in France is governed mainly by the supply and application of pavement and granite curbs of various colors, performing walls and coating of interior and exterior walls with stone schist, as well as the supply and application of various elements in granite or slate for decorating houses and beautification of green space, including fireplaces, fountains and benches.